Remote heli-skiing in eastern greenland

PC: Kevin Boekholt

PC: Kevin Boekholt


In 2017, Doug will be guiding on the East Coast of Greenland with Kevin Boekholt (

 The heliski area is on the East Coast in a region named Angmagssalik. The mountain ranges are between large fiords coming off the Greenland ice cap. The highest peaks in the region top 2000 meters but generally most of the mountains are around 1000 meters and rise directly from the ocean. The fiords are mostly ice filled and the surrounding ocean is pack ice making the region only accessible by boat in the summer months after the ice breaks up.

The skiing is on the satellite islands formed as the Icecap has retreated leaving an archipelago of granite islands. The ski runs usually start from the peaks and are between 800 meters and 1100 meters long. The terrain is spectacular, skiing down toward large icebergs and picking on the water’s edge is what makes this region unique. Every day we try to venture somewhere different as we work our way back up the fiords or explore different islands and sometimes check out small Inuit Villages in the region.

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Photos and Text: Kevin Boekholt/Greenland Heli-Skiing




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