Jackson Hole Inter-Agency Pro Avalanche Workshop

with Manuel Genswein

Participating Agencies: Teton County SAR, JH Ski Patrol, Grand Targhee Ski Patrol, JH Backcountry Guides, Exum, JHMG, High Mountain Heli-Skiing, American Avalanche Institute, Jenny Lake Rangers, BTNF, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

November 26, 2017

Train The Trainers: Classroom Session

White House, JHMR


Classroom Day will be held in the “White House” (formerly home to Pepi Steiger Sports).

Directions to White House Classroom: Park in Cody Lot, enter Olympic Sports Plaza Building (aka “White House”), walk down steps to the bottom floor and turn left to classroom.

No food or refreshments provided, please bring a lunch or plan to eat in Teton Village. There will be a one hour break for lunch from 12:30-1:30.

Some skills may be covered outside at the base of the ski area. Please bring your transceiver(*), probe and shovel as well as appropriate clothing and footwear for both indoor and outdoor sessions.

(*) Bring the transceiver you are most familiar with. You may bring additional transceivers so that you learn how to apply and teach the different techniques and methods with several transceiver models.

Please have the ability to take notes at the classroom session.



November 27, 2017

Train The Trainers: Field Day

White House and Bridger Gondola, JHMR


Meet at White House to organize Field Day. We will be riding up the Bridger Gondola (or whatever lift JHSP deems appropriate) for a full day in the field. We will not be skiing. Please bring appropriate food and clothing for a full day in the field.  Bring a simple avalanche rescue kit—beacon, shovel, probe.

We will be practicing the concepts learned in the classroom with an emphasis on how to teach these skills during the Pro Workshop.

Day concludes at White House at 5pm.


Topics to be covered include:


Factors of Mortality and Survival

  • Elementary concepts of avalanche rescue and survival tools
  • Avalanche Transceiver Basics
  • Elementary Concepts of 457 technology and importance in practical search scenario
  • Components of Transceiver Check—Group Check
  • Interference Issues
  •  Excavation Strategies and First Assessment of the Avalanche Patient
  • Snow Conveyer Belt
  •  Position Probing


· Advanced Avalanche Transceiver Search Techniques

  • Multiple Burial Search Strategies:
  • Technological and Search-Tactical Solutions
  •  Deep Burials: Search Strategies and Excavation Techniques
  • RECCO Search Strategy and Techniques


· Probe Strategies

  • Spot Probing
  • Coarse Search Probe Line Techniques
  • Fine Search Probe Line Technique


·  Avalanche Rescue in Special Environments

  • Heavily Contaminated Debris
  • AvSAR on Roads and Railroads (on request)
  • UAvSAR (Urban Avalanche SAR) (on request)


·   Leadership and Rescue Tactical Considerations

  • Accident Site Management
  • Risk Management in Avalanche Rescue (risk-benefit considerations)
  • "Greatest Good for the Greatest Number" - Best Practice in Case of Shortage of Rescue Resources



November 29, 2017

Pro Workshop: Classroom Day

Teton County SAR Hangar


Train The Trainers will be setting up Pro Workshop Field Session on this day at the JHMR.  All other Pro Workshop participants will be at the TCSAR Hangar.

Classes will be held in the conference room on the second floor of the TCSAR Hangar (300 South Batch Plant Rd).

Please carpool if possible. The topics to be covered are listed above.

There will be a one hour break from 12:30-1:30 for lunch. No food or drinks will be provided.

Some skills may be practiced outside so please bring your transceiver (*), probe and shovel as well as appropriate clothing and footwear.

(*) Bring the transceiver you are most familiar with, and something to take notes.


November 30, 2017

Pro Workshop: Field Day




8:00am-5:00pm ALL participants, including Trainers, meet at White House, JHMR before departing for Bridger Gondola or whatever lift is deemed appropriate by JHSP. Be prepared for a full day outdoors. Bring appropriate food, clothing, and footwear, and avalanche rescue gear (shovel, prove, beacon). Expect to be outdoors all day. We will not be skiing down or taking multiple lift rides.